Members of WDRAC, ABW, Para Crew and Nada Nord posing in front of an ABW van carrying a banner that says "Better Together" on it.

Stunning Collaboration a Global Stage -The Gold Standard

Recently, ABW hosted organizations from around the globe with one common goal: to come together and support those in Ukraine who urgently need humanitarian aid. Our organizations united for one week in February with a shared mission of aiding the people in Ukraine who need support the most. Amidst the joyful reunion chatter, there was a backdrop buzzing with coordination to maximize the impact of our time together.

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Members of ABW, WDRAC, and Paracrew unloading supplies from the ABW van into storage facility in LVIV for onward delivery
Members of Nada-Nord together having completed €30,000 of aid purchases in Ukraine with ABW Co-founders Simon and Travis
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A member of Nada-Nord loading 500 litres of a fuel for our reservoir purchased by Nada-Nord and their amazing donors.

The remarkable collaborative efforts of ABW, WDRAC, Paracrew, and Nada-Nord were fully on display as we dispersed across Ukraine. We feel it is of utmost importance to highlight the contributions our partners and friends have made as we mark the two-year milestone of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine:

War Disaster Recovery Assistance Center (WDRAC) – Japan: WDRAC has been steadfastly supporting ABW and other like-minded individuals in providing assistance to Ukraine. Their leader, Akira, stays connected with ABW cofounders, Travis and Simon, through regular Zoom calls to keep WDRAC informed and to coordinate fundraising efforts. We were impressed not only by their work ethic but also by their wonderful sense of humour. The dedication to the cause, coupled with the energy and laughter WDRAC brought to the team, made our missions into Ukraine all the more memorable.

Paracrew Humanitarian Aid – Norway: Paracrew has been on the ground at the Ukrainian border since the outset, alongside ABW team member Simon Massey. Together, they worked to establish a hub for refugees and volunteers to access the resources they need to thrive. Today, the partnership between ABW and Paracrew Humanitarian Aid remains robust as we continue our close collaboration in delivering crucial humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. The sight of ABW high-visibility vests alongside those of Paracrew has become a symbol of our deep-rooted cooperation and shared commitment to making a difference.

Nada-Nord – Finland: ABW is deeply appreciative of Nada-Nord’s generosity. In partnership with Paracrew, Nada-Nord has donated two entire dental suites and easily over 100,000 euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine. ABW takes pride in facilitating the delivery of this vital assistance across Ukraine. While fatigue from supporting Ukraine makes headlines, Nada-Nord brings the energy of eternal youth that blasts away this fatigue. Our volunteers noted their warmth and kindness as the thing that stood out to them. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing meals with them before heading out the door to get the job done.

Over the course of the week, the teams dispersed, purchasing over 30,000 euros worth of aid along with a truckload of physical goods. Nada-Nord‘s efforts spanned both countries, strategically utilizing storage facilities provided by ABW in Poland and procured in Lviv to streamline our distribution operations. Paracrew Humanitarian Aid ventured to the far East, while WDRAC, ABW, and Nada-Nord coordinated aid distribution to various organizations in Central and Southern Ukraine. Amidst challenges like the ongoing border blockade, which caused significant delays, our perseverance and strategic partnerships prevailed. ABW‘s deep-rooted presence in the region proved invaluable, as co-founders Simon and Travis navigated negotiations to secure an exemption for our shipment. These personal connections, nurtured over time, are the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Despite border closures, busy schedules, and tight timelines, we shared a space—a space of trust, cooperation, logistical planning, and networking. It’s within this nurturing space that we envision continued growth and improvement for the future.

For the first time since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, all of the coordinators of these organizations had the opportunity to gather as one family in Poland at ABW‘s headquarters in Medyka. We shared stories of the efforts from the past two years, discussed goals for the months to come, and engaged in a cultural exchange of dinner recipes. The volunteers and leaders from all four organizations laughed and cried our final evening together away – thank you everyone it was truly amazing!.

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