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Massive Change: Volunteering with ABW – Making a Meaningful Impact

Volunteering with ABW offers a fulfilling opportunity to positively impact communities affected by the war in Ukraine. Volunteers from across the globe join us for varying durations, ranging from two weeks to several months. Let’s delve into the journey of one volunteer on the ground in Ukraine, while also highlighting the diverse roles available within our organization, both on-site and remotely.

Three ABW volunteers in white t-shirts standing in front of a van used to deliver aid holding a sunflower in front of them
ABW volunteers picking sunflowers after an aid run to Kharkiv
An ABW volunteer bending over in a van to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables.
An ABW volunteer unloading fresh fruits and vegetables
Four volunteers standing side by side in a tent with boxes of chocolates in front of them. They are preparing to distribute them to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.
Volunteers preparing to distribute sweets and food to arriving refugees

Daniel, a dedicated volunteer from the USA, has been actively supporting Ukraine for 17 months. Inspired to contribute when the conflict began, he embarked on his journey with a backpack and a determination to enact meaningful change. Arriving at the Ukrainian border in September 2022, he swiftly immersed himself in the mission, collaborating with “Paracrew Humanitarian Aid” before transitioning to Actions Beyond Words in Poland and Ukraine (ABW) whilst still supporting Paracrew as their operations continue remotely from Norway.

Daniel’s experience encapsulates the dynamic nature of our work, characterized by a fast-paced environment, global collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to maximizing aid delivery. We spoke with Daniel to shed light on his volunteering experience with ABW, addressing common inquiries potential volunteers may have:

Q: What is the typical duration of volunteer commitments?

A: While some volunteers stay for a minimum of two weeks, others remain indefinitely, driven by their dedication to the cause.

Q: Are accommodations provided?

A: Yes, volunteers are accommodated in a shared co-ed livings space, offering basic amenities to recharge between tasks inside of Ukraine.

Q: What advice would you offer to prospective volunteers?

A: The workload can vary from resting, right up to chaos, depending on the day so it’s good to be prepared mentally for that. I’d say it’s also important for people to know that they’d have to be self-sufficient financially as ABW puts all of the funds towards operations and does not cover anything above and beyond what’s necessary to complete the task.

Q: What challenges do volunteers face?

A: I don’t find anything particularly hard about the job, I’d say for me, the hardest part is waiting for the next run to happen if there is a slow period.

Q: Any closing remarks?

A: Approach volunteering with the right intentions and ensure your personal affairs are in order beforehand to be able to dedicate yourself fully while here. While the work may not be glamorous, witnessing its impact on lives makes every effort worthwhile.

If you’re eager to contribute, ABW welcomes your support. There are myriad ways to get involved, both in Eastern Europe and from the comfort of your home. For inquiries or to express your interest, please contact us at Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by conflict in Ukraine and beyond.

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