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Love an amazing team reunited.

In the heart of the humanitarian aid efforts, Actions Beyond Words welcomed a familiar face to their dedicated team.

Andrew Sloan, a seasoned adventurer, and old colleague, embarked on a two-week journey from Utah, making his way through SFO and LHR to join the impactful mission.

Working side by side with the passionate team, including Simon, Travis, Wortek, Daniel, and Angel, Andrew played a crucial role in unloading aid vehicles from the UK and Finland. Their combined efforts ensured that essential supplies reached their intended destinations, bringing hope to those in need.

The challenges along the way were met with unwavering determination. With vehicles experiencing unforeseen breakdowns, the team adapted and overcame. Andrew, along with his teammates, found themselves splitting into groups and enduring long, gruelling drives of 16 to 18 hours a day to catch up on their mission.

Andrew’s exceptional talents and wealth of experience proved to be an asset to the team. Having previously worked together in South Africa, his expertise and dedication shone through as he enthusiastically tackled the tasks at hand.

Notably, Andrew’s adventurous spirit soared as he seized the opportunity to explore more of Ukraine. Having completed the Pacific Coast Trail, he undertook a solo journey, in temperamental vehicles, into the southern region of Ukraine to connect with family members he had never met before. This personal journey of discovery served as a testament to his resilience and deep-rooted compassion.

Actions Beyond Words reaffirms their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by crisis and thank Andrew for leaving his young family for 2 weeks to help Ukraine.  With each step taken, they demonstrate that acts of kindness, compassion, and determination can truly transform communities.

As Andrew and the team continue their journey, they carry the hope and spirit of solidarity, showing the world that together, we can create a brighter future. Actions Beyond Words is proud to have Andrew Sloan as an integral part of their mission, an inspiration to all those who believe in the power of humanitarian efforts.

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