Generators from Burlington with love

Actions Beyond Words, a newly founded, highly dedicated humanitarian organization, has achieved the seemingly impossible by swiftly raising funds and delivering essential generators to families in Ukraine. The impact of these life-altering generators on the affected families cannot be overstated.

Under the leadership Adam Roof and Colin Hilliard, Actions Beyond Words rallied the Burlington community, enabling them to raise funds with remarkable speed. Volunteers, including Claire Chapel, Melissa Charles, and Nathan Mullaney from the UK , played a pivotal role in this mission’s execution driving hundreds of miles into Ukraine to make these deliveries.

The urgency of the situation prompted immediate action, resulting in the prompt delivery of generators to Ukraine. Families facing prolonged power outages due to increased attacks on their communities will now experience a significant improvement in their living conditions.

Travis Goode, co-founder of Actions Beyond Words, expressed the privilege and inspiration witnessed during this endeavour, stating, “It was unbelievable to watch people, some who had never even met in person, working hand in hand across the globe to achieve what should seem impossible but with common focus, trust, and a shared goal, possible can often be redefined.”

Actions Beyond Words not only brings practical relief but also fosters emotional connections and a friendship within the communities they support.  Through their tireless efforts, they are illuminating the true power of collective action and the potential to overcome daunting challenges.

As Actions Beyond Words celebrates this remarkable achievement, their work serves as an inspiration to others. With unwavering dedication and a shared commitment, they prove that together, we can create a brighter future for vulnerable communities worldwide.

Nathan Mullaney with Ukriane Friends from Irpin, delivering generator to elderly family.

Claire Chapple, Melissa Charles & Nathan Mullaney with Mission Ukraine, Actions Beyond Words in Lviv, picking up generators to deliver to families in Irpin

Dnipro Store Employees preparing generators

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