Complete Installation off donated Finland Dental Suite to the Donetsk Oblast

From Finland to DONETSK OBLAST: Dentists and Volunteers Unite to Deliver Valuable Dental Equipment

In August 2023, a call from Norway caught us off guard: a retiring dentist in Finland wanted to donate his entire $100,000 dental suite. The challenge? Getting it to Kyiv, and onward to Donetsk Oblast!. Nada-Nord in Finland coordinated with Paracrew Humanitarian Aid in Norway, and with dentists and volunteers from seven countries, the ABW project and ONE INCREDIBLE journey began.

Gillian from Hope Shelter in Przemysl connected us with Oliver from Peace for Ukraine, setting the wheels in motion. As dentists Stefan Bredbacka and Greger Cederberg retired in September, after months of planning, the execution kicked off in Finland. The dismantling, painstaking removal, and custom crating of valuable dental equipment, including X-ray machines and dental chairs, began in September.

Finland Dentists preparing the - X-ray for shipment to Ukraine - 3 guys with shrink wrap and ratchet straps for lifting.
Finland Dentists pack up the X-ray machine for wrapping and loading
Watch our volunteers prep the load and get that pallet jack action going on.
Finland Dentists and team removing the dental suite in Finland ready to send to Ukraine
Finland Dentists and team removing the dental suite in Finland ready to send to Ukraine

Loaded onto a 40′ truck, the equipment travelled 2000km / 1200 miles to our warehouse in Medkya. De-crating bespoke wooden crates, unpacking and inventorying was no small feat. Still, four dedicated team members ensured everything was accounted for, carefully reloading it into smaller vehicles for the onward journey via Krościenko. Despite heavy snow and ice, our team persevered, working late into the night to prepare for departure.

The journey commenced under harsh conditions, with a bitter wind chill and temperatures plummeting to -16°C (3.2°F). As the team pressed on, it often felt like they were missing only huskies and a sled. Radios chirped every few hours, echoing, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads,” in response to the challenging conditions outside.

In Kyiv, Oliver from Peace for Ukraine and his local colleague Nick orchestrated the handover to a major medical facility, where the equipment underwent checks and initial calibration in late November. Post-Christmas, the setup found its permanent home in a village in the Donetsk Oblast and installation commenced [The exact location for obvious security reasons will not be disclosed].

Local Ukrainians at the medical centre looking on at the very heavy donated Dental chair from Finland.
Dental chair making it to Kyiv from Finland.
Complete Installation off donated Finland Dental Suite to the Donetsk Oblast
It’s installed – Ready for patients!
The Team is SO Proud!
Flávio & Travis assisting the locals at the medical centre to offload all the donated dental equipment
The dental suite is being offloaded at its temporary home in Kyiv

As we wrap up the logistical side of this monumental project in the coming weeks, the real excitement begins. Dedicated medical professionals are ready to serve both civilians and former military personnel, marking the true impact of our collective efforts.

If you’re inspired to contribute or support in any way, whether you have a project waiting to take off or wish to make a direct donation, click here.

To the people of Ukraine, may your newly installed dental clinic bring you many years of invaluable service. We eagerly anticipate visiting for the installation later in the year. Stay tuned for more updates, and you can read more about our work with Nada-Nord on other projects here!

This project showcases the incredible results achievable when everyone works together with trust and respect for a shared cause. It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with all involved. It’s a story of generosity, collaboration, and the impact that a simple phone call can have on changing lives.

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