Travis Goode unloading fresh food and humanitarian aid to children’s shelters in Lviv Oblast.

Finding a new sense of strength and resilience through volunteering.

Volunteering with ABW in Ukraine has taken me on an extraordinary journey, from the western Polish/Ukraine border to just a few miles from the Russian border. It has been a humbling experience filled with moments of heartbreak and inspiration. I have witnessed the immense scale of the crisis and its impact on communities. Every mile covered has strengthened my resolve to make a difference in the lives of those affected.

Delivering essential aid to the affected communities has been a central part of my volunteer work. From food and medical supplies to blankets, clothing, pet supplies, generators, and tools, we have strived to meet the diverse needs of those grappling with the effect of the ongoing war. The long drives back and forth across the beautiful country of Ukraine, totaling thousands of miles, have been a testament to our commitment to reaching the most vulnerable and remote areas.

The echoes of air sirens and the distant sound of heavy artillery serve as reminders of the ongoing turmoil. The destruction of homes, apartments, churches, grocery stores, and social housing is a sobering reality etched into the Ukrainian landscape and my mind. Yet, amidst the devastation, the resilience of the Ukrainian people shines through, igniting a spark of strength and hope.

Our aid efforts have taken us to various shelters for children, community centers, and even converted subway stations filled with people seeking refuge. In collaborating with community leaders, we have ensured that the aid we deliver reaches those who need it most, providing a lifeline of support during this challenging and dark time.

You can also make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Please join us in our mission to support the people of Ukraine by donating to Actions Beyond Words today.

Travis Goode unloading Humanitarian aid in Kharkiv.
Travis Goode delivering fresh food to shelters in Lviv Oblast.
Travis Goode and Simon Massey with Action Beyond Words delivering humanitarian aid and generators in Kharkiv. Generators donated through HAFGB.

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