Travis Goode unloading fresh food and humanitarian aid to children’s shelters in Lviv Oblast.
Ukraine Donations

Where your money goes


Actions Beyond Words (ABW) is dedicated to supporting global humanitarian aid organizations as well as providing direct humanitarian aid to the people who need it most. We are proud of the fact that we’ve been able to deliver aid to communities across Ukraine within days, and sometimes hours, of receiving donations. While we are a new organization with with various start up costs, we are able to utilize the vast majority of donations for direct aid related expenses. This is accomplished as all personnel from our drivers to our board members are ABW Volunteers.

Humanitarian Aid

Starting in March of 2022, our team began delivering food, water, hospital supplies, and other essential aid directly into towns from the westernmost areas of Ukraine to cities and towns along the eastern border. These direct aid runs continue today thanks to the incredible courage of our ABW responders and through the generous support of donors from across the globe. 

Actions Beyond Words HQ – Medyka, Poland
At the start of the conflict in Ukraine more than 8,000 refugees came through the border in Medyka every day. Our team was there from the start and was vital in establishing the infrastructure required to support those thousands of refugees. Today our headquarters in Medyka serve as a support site for other humanitarian aid organizations working from Medyka as well as our base of operations for all Mission Ukraine deliveries