Adam Roof and Colin Hilliard in Medyka Poland at the border delivering Humanitarian Aid

Bringing Hope to Refugees

Humanitarian Aid Mission to Polish-Ukrainian Border: Bringing Hope to Refugees

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has displaced millions of people, forcing them to flee their homes in search of safety and security. As a result, many refugees have found themselves stranded at the border between Poland and Ukraine, struggling to survive in harsh winter conditions. That’s why a team of volunteers, including myself, is gearing up for a 10-day humanitarian aid mission to the refugee camp at Medyka, Poland.

Our mission is to deliver medical supplies, safety gear, and warm clothing to refugees who desperately need them. We’ll be working closely with local contacts on the ground, the United Nations, and World Central Kitchen to ensure that our efforts are effective and impactful. We have already received generous donations from UVM Medical Center, Burton Snowboards, SkiRack, and Revision Military, but we still need your support.

As a team of 7 volunteers from Burlington, Vermont, and Boston, we are actively coordinating efforts to secure more donations and supplies. Our local contacts have made specific requests for supplies, and we’re working tirelessly to fulfill them. But we can’t do this alone – we need your help to make a difference.

To ensure that we can cover our expenses during the mission, we’ve set a personal fundraising goal of $5,000. This will cover our transportation, hotels, and any other expenses that Ukrainian refugees may need once they cross into Poland. We’ve partnered with the Vermont Council of World Affairs (VCWA) to support our fundraising efforts and help us reach our goal.

We’re excited and humbled to have this opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of refugees who are struggling to survive. But we can’t do it without your help. Please consider making a donation today and join us in bringing hope and relief to those in need.

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Adam Roof and Colin Hilliard in Medyka Poland at the border delivering Humanitarian Aid
Angel Casas and other volunteers at Medkya in the first few days of the 2022 war sheltering under a garden gazebo as the temperature dropped to -12c
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