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Berit: A Golden Heart beating strong

This week at Actions Beyond Words (ABW), our headquarters pulsed with the vibrant energy of teams from Norway (Paracrew), Finland (Nada-Nord), and Japan (WDRAC) working together towards a common goal. Everyone from the various international teams had a very busy week, but we want to take a moment to give a huge shout-out to Berit from Norway. Despite leaving her home, family, and grandchildren, not to mention recovering from a recent surgery on her shoulder, she supported a VERY busy week at the ABW HQ in Poland to keep the teams’ spirits high!

Berit with her Paracrew Hi VIs on in as we meet with the head of the Shegyni Oblast education system as ABW donate laptops sourced through HAFGB.
Berit from Paracrew in candid shot knitting warm woollen cloths to be sent into Ukraine from out base in Poland.  in her left hand white holding a thread of wool and a knitting needle in her right hand
Berit from Paracrew, is in a gymnasium standing next to a Ukrainian woman. There are empty boxes scattered in the background where delivered aid has recently been unpacked. A basketball hoop with a blue backboard is mounted on the wall.

Berit embodies versatility and warmth in all she does, whether lending a hand in the warehouse, offering insightful perspectives on operations, or simply being there to listen. She’s not afraid to tackle any task, no matter how challenging or unpleasant, and her dedication to the team shines through in every endeavour.

Perhaps Berit’s most impressive talent lies in the ‘kitchen’ – a modest 2 ring electric hot plate. Amidst the chaos of our daily routines, she manages to create culinary masterpieces that nourishes body mind and soul. From hearty Norwegian soups to delicate homemade fruit coulis-topped waffles, Berit’s meals, all cooked from scratch, are a highlight for our volunteers, fostering a sense of camaraderie as we gather to enjoy them together.

Berit’s impact goes beyond her tangible contributions. Her presence exudes a sense of calm and confidence, serving as a steady beacon amid constant change and ever-moving goalposts. In an environment that sometimes feels chaotic, Berit keeps our feet firmly on the ground and our tummies full!

As we bid Berit farewell until her next visit, we extend our deepest gratitude for her unwavering support and infectious spirit. She truly embodies the ethos of our friends at WDRAC “Supporting those who support”, enriching the lives of our multinational teams in countless ways. Thank you, Berit, for all that you do. We eagerly await your return with the Paracrew team.

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