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An Amazing Fusion of Dedication and Talent: The ABW-Red Spot Films Project

In the quest to embody the very soul of a young NGO like ABW, one often grapples with the challenge of resource constraints. How does one portray the passion and spirit driving the organisation without substantial investment?

Enter an unexpected twist of fate. When the parent of a new volunteer stumbled upon ABW through our social media channels and connected with us on LinkedIn, little did we anticipate the profound impact it would have. Their offer to produce a video showcasing our efforts, and vision, was music to our ears.

We were grateful beyond measure for the dedication and expertise of Louise Budd and the incredible team at Red Spot Films. Their decision to join us on this journey, offering their time and talent pro bono, left us in awe. Together, we embarked on a three-day project that transcended mere collaboration—it was a fusion of souls.

Simon Massey and Travis Goode of Actions Beyond Words [ABW] ready to be interviewed by Louise Budd of Redspot Films  in Medyka, pertaining to their Humanitarian work in Ukraine,
Pre-set before recording, Louise and Redspot do their final checks
Louise Budd from Red Spot Films, recording and documenting Actions Beyond Words aid arrival from Finland's Nada Nord, facilitated through Paracrew Humanitarian Aid
It’s a cold day for filming – batteries are feeling the pain
Simon Massey & Travis Goode from Actions Beyond Words interview with Red Spot Films and Louise Budd December 2023
On “Set” 2 hours into the interview – Check out the clothes, it’s not warm!

Amidst the biting cold of December, Red Spot Films set up camp at our base in Medyka, Poland. With serious professional equipment in tow, they transformed our warehouse into a cinematic backdrop, capturing the essence of ABW’s story with unparalleled skill and empathy. The camaraderie forged over shared meals and endless story telling ensured that when the cameras rolled, they captured not just images but the very essence of our team’s dedication and passion.

As Simon and Travis shared their experiences in Ukraine, the depth of their commitment was captured perfectly. Red Spot Films skilfully wove the ABW narrative into a tapestry of emotion and purpose, allowing our mission to speak for itself.

The collaboration, however, didn’t end with interviews. The entire ABW team rallied to provide B-roll footage, showcasing the breadth and depth of our work in Ukraine. Together, we painted a vivid picture of our journey, from humble beginnings to impactful initiatives.

Travis Goode of Actions Beyond Words [ABW] loading pet food in Kharkic, Ukraine thanks to the donations from WDRAC Japan - Thank you Akira Nagao.
Did someone it’s cold? NOOO – LOAD – you’ll warm up
After Actions Beyonds Words deliver  $6000 worth animal food aid, Simon Massey ABW meets dedicated vet from Finland treating a horse from the   Dombas  - It's life and death and a 24/7 care regime.
A tragic situation of a horse with half a leg lost via a land mine!
Flavio Diaz Jr, ABW Volunteer filming our pet food aid drop in Kharkiv thank to the support WDRAC, Japan.
Committed to getting the B roll! Flavio in Kharkiv taking it for the team

Beyond the confines of the interview room, aka ‘delipidated warehouse’, Red Spot Films joined us on a mission to deliver fresh food to IDP (Internally Displaced People) shelters in Ukraine. Witnessing first-hand the resilience of those displaced by conflict, they became not just observers but active participants in the cause – no box too heavy – no onions left behind!

As the journey drew to a close, we reflected on the footage captured, reviewing our time together and achievements with pride and gratitude. Each frame was a testament to the unwavering spirit of ABW and the power of collaboration in making a difference.

So, here’s to the magic of storytelling, to the bond forged in adversity, and to the hope that shines even in the darkest of times.

You can check out the full HD project and learn a little more about ABW along the way here.

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