About Our Work

ABW's Mission

To promptly deploy ABW Responders to global humanitarian crises to support key infrastructure and resolve critical issues.

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ABW's Vision

Simon & Volunteer

At Actions Beyond Words (ABW), we strive to deploy, with minimal notice, to areas affected by natural disasters, conflict, or other humanitarian crises that may arise anywhere in our world. Our goals are twofold, to support other likeminded humanitarian organizations through logistical and operational means, and, when necessary, to deliver non-military humanitarian aid such as food, water, clothing, equipment, and any other vital items needed to the people who need it most.

ABW Responders

ABW Responders are volunteers who put the needs of those affected by tragedy first. Our responders are from all over the globe and are made up of all races, genders, cultures, and beliefs. We are honoured to work alongside such dedicated individuals.


For information on opportunities to become an ABW Responder, click here. 


ABW Team

Mission Ukraine

ABW’s current mission and focus is on helping the people of Ukraine who have been impacted by the Russian invasion and the ongoing war. Countless families have been displaced from their homes in eastern Ukraine, taking up refuge in shelters throughout central and western Ukraine. Additionally, many brave   Ukrainians have remained in areas which have been directly in the path of the armed conflict.


Since the March of 2022 ABW has:

    • Set up refugee support at the Ukrainian/Polish border.
    • Supported over 50 Humanitarian Organizations both logistically and operationally.
    • Set up headquarters and storage facilities along the Polish/Ukrainian border.


Additionally, from the beginning of our work in Ukraine, our ABW team has delivered over 1 million British Pounds’ worth of food, water, clothing, generators, heating equipment, pet supplies, baby care items, adult care items, toiletries, communications equipment, toys, and more to communities, shelters, and families across Ukraine.


ABW Services

ABW prides itself on being adaptable to the changing needs of the communities and organizations we support. The list of services below is a general overview of what we have successfully accomplished so far.   


Humanitarian Aid Delivery

    • Fresh Food
    • Water
    • Medical Supplies
    • I.T. Equipment
    • Generators and Power Supplies
    • Stoves and Heaters
    • Clothing
    • Bedding and Household items
    • Hygiene Products
    • Pets Supplies and Pet Food
    • Equipment and Tools


Vehicle and Driver support for organisations in need of ground transportation for deliveries


Logistical Planning support for organisations with financial resources in need of ground support


Short Turnaround deliveries for urgent needs (as availability allows)


Housing availability for approved volunteers


Storage facilities for aid in Poland and Ukraine


Operational Support and Consultation

Special Thanks to Friends of ABW

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