Travis Goode and Akira Nagao cleaning ABW's warehouse in Medyka.

Outstanding volunteers around the world join forces to empower the people of Ukraine through compassionate action and humanitarian support.

Recently, our NGO, Actions Beyond Words, embarked on another deeply impactful trip to Ukraine. While traveling around the areas affected by the war is not new to us, it remains a vivid reminder that our work and the work of all the organizations operating here, is vital to the people and communities of Ukraine. This journey held immense special significance for ABW as it provided us with the opportunity to welcome a key supporter, Akira of WDRAC in Japan, who shares in our mission.

Our travels on this trip took us from our respective homes in the US, UK, and Japan, to our headquarters in Poland and into Ukraine. Since we only had a few days together, we delivered aid and support from the western most shelters in Lviv Oblast out to the surrounding areas of Kyiv. In Kyiv, we had the privilege of visiting an orphanage where a dedicated team of caregivers, doctors, and educators provided a loving environment for children ranging from just a few days old to eight years of age. Witnessing the support and care bestowed upon these vulnerable children was truly heartwarming. In Lviv Oblast, Akira was able to see first hand, how schools and community centers have been repurposed to shelter women and children from the eastern areas of Ukraine who have been displaces by conflict and war.

Delivering Aid and Making a Difference: Loaded with essential supplies and with a particular focus on overlooked shelters, we tirelessly drove over 4,500 miles in a mere 5  days. However, the knowledge that our food and medical supplies were being delivered to places that are sometimes lacking in support, filled our hearts with joy and reinforced our commitment to serving those in need.

An important aspect of our journey was the presence of Akira, who traveled all the way from Tokyo, Japan, to witness the effects of war in person and offer his unwavering support. Akira was with us every step of the way. From helping us organize our warehouse, to loading the vans, to driving a part of the 4,500 miles, and delivering aid first hand Akira fit right in with our team as if he’d been with us the whole time. It was an honor work along side him. Additionally, witnessing his reactions as he experienced the reality of the war in Ukraine firsthand underscored the significance of our work and the need to continue supporting the people of Ukraine. Thank you, Akira, for being a part of the team and for helping us support those in need.

Call to Action: Our mission does not end here. To sustain and expand our efforts, we rely on the generosity and support of compassionate individuals like you reading this blog. Every donation we receive goes directly towards supporting our mission of helping other organizations aligned with our vision and delivering aid where it is most needed. Help us continue making a difference by donating to our cause and spreading the word about our mission among your friends, family, and social media networks.

Our recent volunteering trip to Ukraine with Actions Beyond Words has left an indelible mark on our hearts and reinforced our dedication to providing humanitarian aid. Through the love and support we offered, we witnessed the transformative power of compassion. As we strive to expand our reach and extend our assistance to more communities, we invite you to join us on this journey of making a lasting impact.

Together, we can bring hope, relief, and a better future to those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Akira loading van in Medyka Poland
Simon Massey and Akira Nagao loading aid from the warehouse in Medyka
Travis Goode and Akira Nagao cleaning  ABW's warehouse in Medyka.
Fresh food drop at an orphanage near Irpin.

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